Monday, July 9, 2007

Tangle socks complete!

Finally, they are done! The details:
  • Lorna's Lace Shepherd sock yarn in Camouflage
  • Toe-up socks starting with a figure 8 cast-on
  • 2x2 ribbing on the top of the sock
  • 76 stitches for the foot
  • short row heel (16 stitches)


  1. those socks look great but they are HUGE! have you tried putting them on Mingus's paws?

    are you going to make yourself socks now? the tofu socks are so close to done but my hands were getting tired from the tight tiny stitches..

  2. yeah, how big are the boy's feet? those socks are massive...
    and mingus is TOO CUTE! i just can't get over it sometimes...

  3. And Mingus wears them well...

    Great job!



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