Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh, Great Thinking Cap! Let me know the way!

V: Oh, Great Thinking Cap, please give me new ideas on how to get Mingus!

V: Yes, that is brilliant, oh Great One. I am amazed at your cunning. That is the perfect idea...

V: I shall execute the plan tomorrow at noon, just as you ordered. Thank you, oh Great One.

M: Oh, Great Thinking Cap! Please tell my mom to give me lots of belly rubs and treats! Hello? Great Thinking Cap, do you hear me?

V: Hey, Mingus! You have it on backwards...

M: Oh, I am so humiliated. Not.


  1. HA! Thanks for the funny dog commentary this morning - made me laugh!

  2. oh Mingus and Vespa - you guys are just too cute and funny!

    I am eagerly awaiting the noon update when Vespa executes her plan!

    we haven't seen much of greaseball - I think he needs to wear the thinking cap too!

  3. omg.
    that last pic of mingus is too much!
    and yes, i must inquire as well--where are greaseball and 50/50?!
    :o) have a great day.

  4. hahaha these two crack me up. Mingus only thinks about treats hahaha

  5. tap tap tap..

    I am waiting (not so) patiently for an update.. I want to see what Vespa and the thinking cap came up with :)

  6. What did the brilliant Vepsa come up with? The adoring masses want to know.

  7. Hopefully, that earthquake wasn't part of Vespa's plans to get Mingus :)

  8. Did you feel that earthquake? I'm assuming you did, but you never know!

    Your dogs have quite the verbal skills, don't they? Perhaps you should create a website just for them...something like



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