Friday, July 20, 2007

"The Great Thinking Cap made me do it!"

GTC: Vespa, in order for this plan to work, you need to think about what makes your brother Mingus tick.

V: That's easy. Treats and belly rubs is what that dog is all about!

GTC: Very good. You are correct - Mingus will do anything for treats and belly rubs. Now, listen to me and I'll tell you how to be rid of Mingus permanently. You can once again be the only dog, Vespa. Imagine how much attention you'll get with Mingus out of the way!

GTC: First, tell Mingus that he needs to pack his bags. He's going to a land where everyone will give him treats and belly rubs.

M: Oh boy! A land where everyone will give me treats and belly rubs? Really, Vespa? Lemme at it! I'll pack!

V: Uh, Mingus... I said that you need to pack your bag, not pack yourself in the bag!

M: Huh?

V: Oh, give me a break. I'll do it! Just sit right here while I pack your bag.

M: Can we go now? I want some treats!

V: Mingus, you'll have to do this by yourself. I can't go with you.

M: Why not? Oh, I get it! More treats and belly rubs for me! I'm all packed up and ready to go!

GTC: Once Mingus is packed, give him keys to the car and show him the door. You must be quick, Vespa! This must be done while your parents are at work, or else they will stop him and you'll forever be plagued by Mingus.

M: What are these? Car keys? Vespa, I don't know how to drive!

V: Mingus, if you don't want to go the land of treats and belly rubs, I can go instead. Driving is easy. Just follow this map.

M: Well, okay... If you say so...

(3 Hours Later)

M: I think I've been tricked! There are no treats and belly rubs here! Vespa, I'm gonna get you!!!

(Meanwhile, back at the wildtomato house...)

GTC: Muahahahahaha! There is no such thing as a Great Thinking Cap, dumb dogs! One dog down, and one more to go!


  1. YAY!!!

    I love it and even greasie made an appearance

  2. HAHAH! Greaseball rules the house!

  3. Ah, but wait! I see a Mingus tail in the final photo. I call shenanigans! :)

  4. It is? It looks so gray in the picture! I know she's not THAT old :)

  5. lol Cats rule :) Flick approves of Greaseball's tom foolery.

  6. Oh come on! That is totally Vespa's tail! Mingus carries a pompom on his back.

    Okay, you're going to force me to take a picture of my dogs' butts to prove whose tail is whose! :)

  7. I knew it was the cat all along!

    Ha ha!!!

  8. Upon further review of the pictures up on this blog, I have come to the conclusion that it is in fact Vespa's tail. Where it does look a little on the gray side in the picture, Vespa has a black tip on her tail, Mingus does not. That has to be Vespa's tail.

  9. You're right. It is Vespa's tail! That is what I've been saying all along! Still, I'll provide a dog butt picture sometime soon.



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