Monday, July 2, 2007

Shout out to tofuninja

I know you check this blog. You told me yourself. Yet, you never leave me a comment. Why is that?

In exchange for your comments, I'll post a very funny picture of the parental units. Of course, they will be rockin' the knitted goods. Oh, and if you tell them about it, you can very well be sure that they will never let me take their photograph again. I don't think they like being compared to my dogs (as in, my dogs also rock the knitted items). So, on'tda ellta heta arentspa.

If you refuse, Leann I Am and I will find you and give you noogies. I don't care if you are taller than me and weigh more than me. We can do it, and if we have issues, I'll start training my dogs to pee on command. That can only lead to bad news for you.

I tried to get the boy in on the threats, but he rolled his eyes and asked me if I had anything better to do. Why, yes I do. But, the way I see it, work is ever present, so it doesn't count.

Do we have a deal? You have a few days to decide since you are in Vegas. But if I don't see anything by Thursday, no photo.


  1. ooooh - blackmail, how fun

    Where are you anyway? I was going to see if you wanted to knit at a cafe tomorrow since I was going to drive to Berkeley to go to the gym .... but it doesn't look like you are around.



    I'd almost say 'issues' is an understatement in my case!!!

  3. As the fireworks explode outside, I come to see that I am on this famous blog being called out. I will start posting comments. We can make it like a drinking game. For every comment I post everyone else drinks a beer. So here is one comment, one beer. I am not sure if I will get internet at the condo so you might have to wait until Sunday for the next comment.

  4. Nice to see your here, TofuNinja. Parental unit pictures will be forthcoming.

    And remember, the parental units must not know about this, or else they won't model for me again. I will use appropriate codenames for them to preserve their secret identities.



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