Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Next month, the dogs can eat Alpo

Yesterday, a good chunk of time was wasted spent dealing with my dogs' food. As I've mentioned before, my dogs are raw fed, which means that our freezers (yes, plural!) are packed with a monthly assortment of raw bones, meat, and organs.

Since the boy is off again on another business trip, this month's meat delivery was all my responsibility, from picking it up to processing it.

The end result (and this isn't even all of it):

Someone, please remind me why I don't feed my dogs kibble. These dogs don't only get raw food, but all their food is from local, sustainable sources. They eat better than me!

After spending hours dealing with dog food, I went over to harleysmom's house for a delicious dinner, wine, and cake. Her dogs really dug me. It took me longer than it should have to realize that the reason they were so interested in me was because my shirt smelled meat-o-riffic.

Here's Charlie, a 12-year old lab harleysmom just adopted. He is a total love bug whose mannerisms remind me of what I imagine to be an old Vespa. Sniff.

How can you resist this smile?


  1. you are such a great dog mom!! Vespa and Mingus sure do appreciate it.. probably not as much as they should but you know they do!

  2. Wow! My dog really likes you! You don't have a PORK CHOP in your pocket, do you?

    I guess, in a way, you DID! I've always wondered if that really works!

    Your dogs eat better than anyone I know!

  3. oh geez this dog is so sweet looking!!! it's like a big floppy version of my doggy! :o)
    and i bet she'd love you up too if you came over smelling like all that great meat! :o)

  4. cute lab. and that is a ton of chicken feet lol I should post the pics of Junior eating a chicken foot from Christmas 06



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