Sunday, May 20, 2007

Booze stealing bunny on the loose!

A rare knitted bunny finger puppet is running loose in my house. It is bugging the cats, taking mug shots with the dogs, and taking stealth sips of my wine. It must be captured and returned to its creator, harleymom.

Fifty-Fifty is in charge of capturing the loose bunny. She wears her super fly baby hat (Blue Sky Cotton in Azul, 68 stitches, size 8 needles) so she can be undercover. Who will win this battle? Fifty-Fifty or the bunny? Remember, Fifty-Fifty sees all. She knows all. You must believe.


  1. and how much did you drink... i love 50-50 in the hat!

  2. Are you implying that my posting sounded drunk? LOL! I was sober when I posted last night. However, I was operating on 4 hours of sleep. That probably explains some of it... The rest of it, unfortuantely, is simply me.

  3. SO CUTE!!!
    love the pics. and the baby hat is very cute!!! :o)
    i am such a sucker for the picture of the furry babies!
    how did you like knitting with the blue sky cotton yarn? the resulting fabric is super soft isn't it?!

  4. Blue Sky cotton is super squishy and fun to knit. I think I can get at least one more hat out of it - I'm eyeing another feather and fan lace pattern.

  5. Okay...If you're going to be knitting so much for your PETS, you could at least throw a couple of your masterpieces OUR WAY. 1YO would LOVE a hat! Or a purse....

  6. Sure, I'll throw a hat your way. Measure the 1YO's head and send that number my way.

    Oh, and that hat is for an actual baby! Fifty-Fifty is just modeling it!

  7. Are these people okay with the fact that a cat has already worn their baby's hat? Some new parents are really weird about that!

  8. Eh, I'll wash it before I give it to them. I wash baby things before I wrap them because you don't know what that yarn has touched! Isn't there a special soap I need to use? Do you know the name of it?

  9. You CAN use a special baby detergent. I never do, however. If you want to be on the safe side, they sell that dye free/perfume free...I think Tide even makes a line of it now. It also takes the allergens out of it..somehow!

    I just use plain 'ol Tide and Downy. If the baby is really young, the parents will probably was it again later. There's nothing like a new baby to bring out the anal retentiveness of a person!

    I know that's what did it for me! I did get over it pretty quickly...



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