Monday, May 21, 2007

Last Pickle Standing!

I just ate one more of my precious pickles, leaving one more left. Now that they have been steeping with all those serrano chiles for months, these pickles will make you cry. I usually take one bite, the suck my breath in and flap my arms a bit before I can continue to the next bite. And the sick part is that I don't think they are hot enough - the next batch is going to steep with some habaneros.

These pickles were lovingly crafted in my Harsch crock. If you like fermenting things, well this is the vessel for you! The downfall of the fermentation arts is that you can end up cultivating the wrong thing. For example, if you read traditional instructions for making sauerkraut (and doesn't everyone?), you'll read about the importance of skimming the white, mucousy scum off the top of the bucket, this same bucket which is sealed off from its environment by an old pillowcase. No thank you! I have pets! I spend enough time cleaning up myserious mucousy scum! This is where the Harsch comes in - it has a water gutter that prevents outside air from contaminating your goods.

One of these days, I'm going to throw a fermentation party. We'll drink beer and wine! We'll eat yogurt, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, and pickles! We'll feast and give offerings to the fermentation gods!


  1. Last time we were house/puppy/kitty-sitting for you, Jason asked, "Do we need to make sure the crock has water?" He remembered, though was a bit relieved that we didn't this time :)

  2. i think Bill will be the first to knock on your door for that fermentation party! haha! :o) you are just so chock full of great ideas and craftiness! will you be able to make it tonight? hope to see you there! ek.

  3. those pickles sound painfully yummy..

    sigh I need to move to the Bay Area.. I miss your cooking.. and your beasties!

  4. If you pickle up some okra, I'll be right over!

    Man...when did I turn into such a HICK?

  5. Okra's best deep fried.

    Mmmm, I miss fried okra.

  6. Oh, yeah! Deep fried IS better, but isn't everything? Pickled is nice too, thought...dontcha think?



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