Thursday, May 17, 2007

Texan Stitch Markers

Before I show you the goods, check this out:

This is the view from my main window. Don't you feel sorry for me? It's like I'm a fish stuck in a dirty tank!

Okay, I digress. I wanted to show off my lil' stitch markers that I made while I was in Fredericksburg, Texas, a small town west of Austin. Since it was snowing during our trip there and the boy and I brought only short sleeved shirts and shorts (April is supposed to be warm!), we spent our free weekend exploring Texas by car. Why Fredericksburg? Because the boy, seeing the German name, automatically had a Pavlovian reaction and started thinking about, you guessed it, German beer. And he was not disappointed! We found at least two beer gardens to pass some of the time.

After we checked out the town, all three blocks of it, we stopped into a bead store. I didn't like the selection of available stitch markers I had seen at LYS (local yarn shops) around my town, so I decided to make my own. The friendly bead lady had no idea what I was talking about, but she pointed me to a wall of hardware and, with wire wrapping help from her, I ended up with these:

That middle charm is a Texas Rangers logo. I thought it was a football team, the boy thought it was a restaurant, but it turns out that they are a baseball team. Go figure. But since we saw stars everywhere in Texas, it made the perfect souvenir: small and useful.

Go Texas Rangers, whatever you are!


  1. that is a depressing view for sure.. but I love your stitch markers.. what a creative idea!

  2. those beads are amazing. nice going on the wirework! :o) bring them to knitting night soon--i would love to see them in person!

  3. Can you see sunlight yet? I won't even ASK what a 'stitch marker' is!



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