Sunday, May 13, 2007

Made in France Warehouse Sale

At least once a month, Made in France opens up their warehouse to the public. Although the name implies that it only carries French delights, there are actually treats from all over Europe and even parts of Asia. I buy my bomba (paella rice) and Spanish chorizo here because it is significantly cheaper than at The Spanish Table. The last time I went, I also found Volvic, the flavored water that I had been pining over since we left France. Unfortunately, only the lemon and the orange flavors are available here - my favorite is pineapple. Gawd, I miss it! My two liters of allowable liquid I brought back to the US almost ended up being pineapple water instead of wine.

Tip: if you go on Saturday, they have samples available! Oh, and this is not your crappy Costco samples, no siree! They have petit fours and duck liver mousse with port. I actually contemplated circling around a few times so I could sneak another bite. Surely, with all the other people there, the sample people wouldn't notice, right?

Another tip: bring a sweater. The walk-in refrigerator, which houses all the cheese and yogurt (fig yogurt, pistachio yogurt, OMG can I live in that refrigerator???) is, um, cold. You'll want to browse. Trust me. Oh, and if I see you taking the last pistachio yogurt, because they always sell out, I will fight you for it. Buyer beware...

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