Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live from the Insane Asylum

Our house is being changed from "help, I'm in trouble!" yellow with a puke green trim to a suave, oh so sophisticated villita (grayish green) with a carbon trim. We've lived for three years in this house with its nauseating colors. Although we've always wanted to change it, things like vacation, kitchen remodels, and backyard landscaping get in the way. This summer, though, the boy had it and proclaimed that yellow made him sick and depressed. I told him that existentialism is a weak excuse for paining a house and that if he's inside the house, he wouldn't have this problem. In the end, though, I had to admit that our house, whose colors were picked by a 10-year old girl (no joke) would be much better if it wasn't used as a landmark by all our neighbors. "Just go up the road until you see the YELLOW house, and then turn left."

So, now we're going to be living in a villita and carbon house. How chic! But before that, we get to spend two weeks in a house where all the windows are taped up. It's an insane asylum here. Add to the the occasional burst of paint fumes that infiltrates the house during the day, and the drone of the compressors and sanders, and you have the perfect place to conduct interrogations and torture people. Unfortunately, though, this is also my workplace most of the time. And since I actually love my job and I do not associate work with torture, this is no good at all. Not having windows is killing me. When I complained about this to the boy, he said that existentialism is a weak excuse for not getting work done.

Ahem, so this is a knitting blog, right? Back to our regularly scheduled program for all 4 of you who actually read this. So, this is my newest project, a feather and fan lace pattern scarf. It's a surprisingly easy pattern for such impressive results. This is the same yarn I had originally earmarked for the bamboo lace, but I think it looks much better this way. I cast on 38 stitches and am working them on size five needles. The pattern is from Scarf Style.

Oh, and for those of you who don't believe I have a cat, here she is. Fifty-Fifty sees all. Fifty-Fifty knows all. You must believe.


  1. I hope Fifty-Fifty doesn't tell all! I can't wait to see the new color - it will seem like a whole different house.

  2. Spooky kitty! The new pattern looks amazing! I only know how to crochet and my mom always talked about knitting like it was so complicated. Or was it tedious? Both? I don't know. I've just never even tried.

    HEY! I have a yellow house! It was meant to be tan, but became yellow by accident! At least it's better than it's former color--PINK!

  3. Knitting is not tedious or complicated! You need to come up sometime and I'll show you the basics. You'd be a natural!

  4. aw 50-50.. that is such a funny pic of her..

    I like the new scarf pattern a lot

    you know I sort of liked your yellow house! but I bet the new colors are going to be even better.. but good luck surviving the 2 weeks of being closed up.. can you go work in a coffee shop some?

  5. Wow. A photo of the elusive escape artist! :)

  6. FIFTY FIFTY!!!!
    okay. that picture rivals the cute picture of Mingus' face closeup...
    especially when i click on it and make it big! :o)
    so. cute.
    nice going on the scarf! it's looking really nice! hope you are managing okay with the paint fumes and post a pic of the the new paint chips. what does carbon look like?
    p.s. the fiance is filing the paperwork for his thesis as i type!!! YAY!!!! :o)

  7. The Spindles and Spices Blog
    Creative hats modeled by a Dog
    French water that's pretty nifty
    Funky photos of fifty/fifty

    Roasted coffee by boy and you
    Soft knit socks for just one shoe
    I read your blog like a lil' mouse
    And goodbyeee to your yellow house!

    :)Love your blogging Spirit!

  8. mchocolat! Nice to see you around! I knew who you were even without reading your handle. Thanks for the lovely poem. :)

    Reb, I wish I could work in a coffee shop! I have too much confidential paperwork around, plus when going to a coffee shop alone, there is always that weird problem about having to go to the bathroom, yet now wanting to leave my stuff there or ask a stranger to watch it. My laptop makes me paranoid! Anyway, the painters usually ask me questions about 4 or 5 times a day.

    Elaine, congrats to your SO! It must feel great to have him done, done, done. Oh, and carbon is a fancy name for black. Our house is now the boy's favorite colors: army green and black. It blends in with the environment more.



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