Thursday, August 9, 2007

Coachella is off the needles!

Pattern: Coachella
Needles: Size 8, Size 10
Yarn: 3.25 balls of SWTC Amaizing in Khaki
Gauge: 5 sts/in stockinette using size 10 needles
Size: S
Modifications: My gauge was off from the 4.5 sts/in since I was not using the recommended yarn and needles, so I knit the S size, but ended up blocking using the XS measurements.

I love this pattern! However, working with the Amaizing yarn was not so, um, amazing. Although the resulting fabric is fluffy cloud soft, there were numerous knots and tears in the yarn that made it unacceptable. I'd be interested in trying this with another corn fiber yarn, or perhaps bamboo tape.

I know, I know.... I should really show the back of this garment since that is the coolest part. However, I deemed all of my backside pictures unacceptable for public viewing. ;) So, if you're looking for butt shots (which is all I could see), move along, move along...


  1. that looks great on you! this project is now in the back of my mind for the future.. once I work through my stash..

    I wonder too if I could make it out of some Malabrigo I have with no intended project - it would be warm but maybe a fun winter top for parties and such.. also with out arms there would be less issues of the Malabrigo pilling..


  2. I think it would make a great holiday top. I'm thinking about making it in red using Berrocco Suede. It will be fancy!

  3. That turned out great! Hope you are getting to wear it out and about town.

  4. then you should just EMAIL me what the back looks like! You can't it the 'coolest part' without showing it off to SOMEBODY!!!

    Great job, by the way!



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