Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More fibery goodness

I plied my first skein of yarn today and am getting ready to set the twist. Vespa, as always, was thrilled and honored to model the my first skein.

It still is really funky yarn, but I'll probably take Kathleen's advice and make something to felt so the yarn will not go to waste. Maybe a bag, a blanket, or something else where gauge won't matter. I bought a pound of BFL fiber to play with, so there be an abundance of crappy (but gradually getting better) yarn.

Here's a closer look at a good spot:

And, here's a look at the whole shebang. Funky, funky, funky.

Mingus wanted to give his opinion on the yarn, too.

Eh, my office is coming along. I'm being picky about how it is organized, so it is taking a lot longer than it normally would. My office became the room where we put all of our old moving boxes, so I've been sorting through things and putting a lot in the Goodwill bins. I also bought a ton of containers to organize the mess. People with hairy beasts can appreciate this bin:

Yes, my 4 animals have 6 brushes. Funny, but I don't even know if I own a hairbrush! My hair wants to be nothing but straight!


  1. You have to make something out of your first skein of yarn!

    Love the doggy pics. And I can relate to all the doggy brushes. I have undercoat rakes scattered throughout the house so I can use them at a whim whenever the dogs are sleeping (they are not fans of the undercoat rake). Of course, this leads visitors to inquire why I have a dog brush next to my bathroom sink...

  2. Wow Vespa looks so regal modeling that yarn! haha Mingus! The Units are driving me a little batty. But for the most part I am ok. They are going to the coast this weekend so I get a little peace haha Updated my blog and even have pics of the Cave Monster!

  3. Love the doggie pics. Vespa os especially handsome and a fabulous model. Mingus is a cutie - all in husky glory! A bit of Misty kisserness (do you like that word? heehee)
    I think the yarn looks cool and am totally envious that you even know how to spin. (I will NOT start another hobby, damnit!)

  4. How exciting! The yarn looks great.. hand spun/ thick and thin yarn is in high demand out there.. it makes for a fun and funky fabric!

    vespa is a great model.. mingus - well he is mingus (although I think its funny that he is the one with the tongue out when vespa is the licker!)

    good luck organizing..

  5. And sometimes that funky yarn turns into the coolest NOVELTY yarn imaginable! The different thicknesses make it really interesting to knit with and if you were to ply it with some sparkly filament or a fine strand of some other yarn or string, or dye it a couple of different colors - think how beautiful it would be! No more raiding the sales bin at Hobby Lobby for the novelty stuff.

  6. It looks to be coming along fabulously! It must feel sort of empowering to actually make it from 'scratch!'

    You are so organized...wanna come to my house and sort toys?



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