Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Holy Hoya Carnosa!

Not everyone likes to stop to enjoy the flowers. Greaseball thinks they stink. However, since he also thinks many things I deem stinky smell great, I don't take to heart his opinion on this matter.

Mingus thinks that they smell just grand. Either that, or he is still on his scooter high. (He got to go urban mushing tonight with Vespa.)

Goofballs. Both of them.


  1. omg i can't handle it. Mingus looks like SUCH A GOOFUS! :o)
    and you should take pictures of the pooches doing urban dog sledding!!! that would be so great to see in person too...my dog would just jump around in circles though. she's such a silly one...

  2. I agree - we need some video of the pups mushing up the hill.

  3. haroo! Mingus looks so silly and fun. Scooter high - wheee!!!!!

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw Mingus' face! Kishka looks like that when we get home from our walks.

  5. He seriously does have a permanently goofy look on his face, doesn't he?



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