Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whaa??? Is there somone else here?

V&G: Zzzzzzzzzz!
V: Whaa?? Is there someone else here? What's that cat doing in my bed?

G: Whaa? Is there someone else here? What's that dog doing in my bed?

Oh, yes, the bed wars have begun. This just shows how stubborn the two of them are about claiming the most comfortable spot in the house. Greaseball is allowed on the bed, which I would think is more comfortable, but he likes to take over the dogs' space. Here's evidence:

I have a crate trained cat!


  1. oh greaseball - how I love your antics! its good for Vespa to learn to share right?

    Kaya and Kallie will share the bed (with 3 feet between them) and the cedar chest if they are on 2 separate mats/bed/pillows and the under the bed space but again with a few feet/boxes etc between them..

    but Kallie is a Biatch when it comes to food - she totally nosed Kaya out of the way for the canned food yesterday.. Kaya didn't seem to care - she isn't a food maniac at all but I still felt bad for her!

  2. I love all your critter pics. I'm so happy I found your blog. :)

    My Shepherd chases cats. This is where her deafness comes in handy: the cats can roam the house when she's sleeping!

  3. Guinness used to share our house with our cat, Scottie - who was mom's pet since before she met my hubby. Scottie never once shared anything with the dogs, but merely tolerated them. I did have have a husky/gsd mix & a cat who were best buds grwoing up, however. Guinness used to sneak into General's crate when she was a puppyd General tolerated her cuz he was sweet. We are very tolerant here ;P

  4. Greaseball has put on a very disapproving face inside the crate and in the dog bed. My word. And Vespa looks like she's having quite a laugh! Great photos! :o)

  5. Vespa and Greaseball, I am glad they get along. If I ever get a dog I hope that Flick and the dog get along as well as your pets ;)

  6. Funny! Hogan and Shadow have gradually gained acceptance of each other and are napping closer and closer together. A comfy spot is a comfy spot, right?

    The only real rule between them is that Hogan gets to chase Shadow if he ever moves and quicker than a slow stroll.



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