Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer stash burning

I'm almost done with my mohair fan and feather scarf. The problem is that I think it will be too short - I pulled the yarn from my stash, back from the days where I would just buy one skein of a pretty yarn just because it caught my eye with no particular project in mind. Those days are over, but I'm still living with the consequences - although, one can argue that pretty yarn is a happy consequence - of my naive knitter days. If, after I finish the skein, I think it is too short, I know some people shorter than me who can benefit from this scarf.

Yes, "some people shorter than me" are normally referred to as children.

Once this scarf is off the needles, I'll have only 2 WIPs left: my Tofutsie Jaywalker sock and the Mingus scarf. Technically, the Mingus fur scarf is a UFO, though, since I haven't had the time to spin more chiengora.


  1. I do like the feather and fan scarf. That was one of the first patterns that I learned when I was learning how to knit. The colors are beautiful.

    Celeste's gotcha story, hmm...We were in the central market in Lima, a big, dirty area where you can get almost anything for cheap. We'd been talking about getting a dog, and thinking about another basset. Then we came across Celeste in the street - only about a month or two old, skinny and wormy, heavily infested with fleas and ears full of ticks, one flop ear, and we took her home. She seemed pathetic but happy at the same time. In the car, she collapsed in my lap and that was apparently the "gotcha" moment. By the time we got her home, we were all crawling with fleas. You'd never know it now, but I had my doubts as to whether she'd survive. Now I have moments when I wonder if WE'LL survive all the Celeste love.

  2. the scarf looks gorgeous.. some folks like really short scarves..

    how close are you to the end? if you aren't too close you could add a "keyhole" a veritcal opening that you slip the opposite end through and a short scarf can be ancored in place.. there is a pattern for one in SnB I think so you can see a pic.. basically you would just need to work back and forth for a bunch of rows but in the middle switch to a new ball (or in this case the end of the same ball) so you are working 2 pieces for a while..

  3. That is a gorgeous scarf and the keyhole idea is a great one. You spin too??!! sigh. I will not add more new hobbies!!!!

    Celeste's story is so sweet! Amazing how these pups wrap us around their paws, eh?

  4. Good idea for the keyhole scarf! I have way too many single skeins and I'm not a huge fan of mixing tons of different yarns together just to make something. My kids usually have fun with these loner skeins.

    Your scarf looks beautiful. Love the colors.

  5. I like the color! I bought several things of yarn for a blanket I was going to crochet...but I could call it a SCARF if I just quit now!



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