Thursday, August 30, 2007

Every gal needs a bag...

And Vespa is no exception! I finished many firsts with this project: first kitchener stitch, first icord (call me crazy, but I love knitting icord), first bag, and first felting project!

Here's my gal modeling the Sophie bag before felting.

A little agitation, soap, and hot water turned that bag into something different and exciting!

Since it is hard to see the details when Vespa is wearing the bag like a bib, here is another shot of said bag.

I love this bag so much that I think all the funky yarn I'm spinning right now is going to turn into yet another Sophie bag, maybe this time dyed with grape Kool-Aid. Or, maybe I should make a felted chalk bag that will make all the other sport climbers at my gym jealous.

Besides this bag, nuttin' else is moving on my needles. I've been too busy spinning! Today, I tackled some alpaca fiber that the boy had carded for me. It went so fast! The alpaca almost spins itself in comparison to the BFL wool I've been spinning - it's much easier to make even singles. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at this.

I'm running out of bobbins, though, so I need to ply something soon. Or buy new bobbins. Or buy a drum carder (whoa, where did that come from!!!).

Mingus didn't want to be left out of today's post, so he killed his favorite toy, then posed. What a weirdo.


  1. wow - the bag looks great and it flew off your needles!!

    and spinning away - wow you are quite productive..

    Vespa and Mingus look great as usual.. Mingus's poor toy...

  2. Vespa is a wonderful model. I love the bag, too!

    There's been a lot of toy murder going on in this house, too. It must be the season for it.

  3. We think the toy did something to deserve it! They always do.

    That bag is quite awesome! I am jealous of the ability to spin, but refuse another hobby! I think I will attempt a crocheted bag someday soon, when I find the right yarn.

  4. The bag is beautiful! And every trophy hunter likes to pose with his most recent kill. Mingus looks pleased with his most recent conquest.



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